The Clouds Are Gathering

As Distribution Moves To The “Clouds,” How Will It Change Our Business?

In the wake of announcements and presentations at the NAB convention earlier this month, it has become clear that content management is moving to the clouds. Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Verizon, HP and others are all aggressively pursuing the development of cloud-based media management systems. These companies are already

Broadcast Network Trend: Being The Brand!

Broadcast and Cable Outlets Supplement Ad Revenue By Becoming Their Own Brands.
There is a fascinating trend going on in the world of broadcasting. Networks are recognizing that their own names and logos have market value that goes beyond merely attracting viewers. This isn’t just a theory, as manufacturers of products are paying real dollars to carry the trademarks of outlets like E!

A New Era In Home Entertainment Started Today

With Amazon’s entrance into the streaming business, the horses are officially out of the gate in the new race for home entertainment dominance.

My buddy, Jack Wrigley, emailed me today to point out the importance of Amazon’s acquisition of LoveFilm which has allowed the Internet retailer to magically turn its Prime subscription shipping service into a film-streaming service. With the flip of a

Why The Film Business Doesn’t Face The Same Fate As The Music Business

For years, there has been a steady stream of of articles reporting the continuing decline of the recorded music industry. Everyone knows the saga by now. As music became available on the Internet, people stopped buying CD’s and younger listeners started freely copying song files from one another. A whole generation of consumers now has the idea that music should be free, and sales of recorded

iPad 2: Digital Media Becomes A Conversation

At first glance, the new iPad 2 appears to be a combination of already-existing technologies in a superior, user-friendly design – a fairly typical Apple product. That may be an accurate description, but this particular package of features might also provide a new vision of what digital media can and will become.

If you want to get an orientation on Apple’s new tablet, check out this video.

“Anytime, Anywhere” – Cross-Platform Is A Critical Strategy For Game Companies

Ubisoft’s “Companion Gaming” Strategy Is A Hint At How The Gaming Industry Is Getting On-Board With The Cross-Platform Experience

Every current strategy analysis in the content industry inevitably turns to the idea of migrating the content across different devices. In truth, this is one of the factors that is most important to a majority of consumers. If they buy or rent a film, they want to

HP CEO Lays Out New Strategy – I Hope He’s Got Something Else Up His Sleeve

Hewlett-Packard’s (Relatively) New CEO Has Some Ideas For The Company’s Future — Not Necessarily Great Ideas, But Ideas Nonetheless

In a 40-minute speech at an event in San Francisco yesterday, Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker laid out his vision for the company’s role in the new digital media universe. This was Mr. Apotheker’s first public address since taking over the HP reins from Mark

Now Is The Time To Create Quality Programming

An exciting trend is quickly developing in the entertainment business. We are at the beginning of a new period of opportunity for creators of quality films and programming.

It seemed for the past several years, the quality of content was of marginal concern. Certainly many good films and programs were getting made, but the business and technical aspects of the industry seemed to be more

Current Entertainment Strategy: Grabbing Real Estate

Before going to bed this evening, I briefly scanned the entertainment news of the past couple days. A few things caught my eye, but this article really got me thinking. It’s a short report on the Weinstein Company’s new video game venture. That’s right, Bob and Harvey are going into video games.

My first thought was the realization that gaming must truly be the new driving force of the the

The Essential Element For Success In The Entertainment Business

Anyone who reads my posts or tweets, knows that I love technology. I’m always reading and writing about cutting edge technologies and how they are impacting the entertainment industry. New tech is driving the launch of new companies, and the development of new strategies for old companies. Technology is undoubtedly the most important factor for achieving success in today’s entertainment